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The Home Buying Success Process of 2024!

Step 1
Initial Meeting

During our initial meeting we complete our face find and get to know you on a more personal level. This helps us identify your goals which are your main motivating factors. After obtaining your goals provide a tailored, personalised service to help you achieve them 

Step 2
Arrange A Pre-Approval

A pre-approval gives you a clear picture of your spending limit. Additionally if you find a property you like you can move quickly and make an offer.

Note: Even if you have a pre-approved loan your lender will still have to complete a valuation

Step 3
Find Your Property

Do your homework! Research property sales in the area, potential for capital growth and existing and planned infrastructure spending. If you're unfamiliar with property values in the area consider a full valuation by a registered valuer before making a decision. 

Consultation with a home loan and tax specialists
refinance analysis
House Viewing for refinance

Step 4
Make An Offer/Sign A Contract

Whether you buy a property at auction, or make an offer prior, you'll be asked to sign a contract of sale. A contract of sale confirms the selling price as well as any terms and conditions.

Important note: Always add a subject to finance clause to any contract of sale.

unconditional approval of refinance

Step 5
Appoint A Conveyancer

Step 6
Pay A Deposit

You will need a conveyancer to act for you to complete the sale. Your conveyancer should check all rates and taxes have been paid, check land use or building approvals for the property and order any relevant searches. On settlement day, the conveyancer will check the correct amount of money has been transferred from your lender to the seller and all fees, such as Stamp Duty, are paid, so you can take legal ownership of the property

Once a contract of sale is signed by both parties a deposit is required. You won't have your loan just yet so your deposit will have to come from savings or elsewhere.

You may also be able to arrange a deposit bond until settlement.

solicitor for refinance
refinance costs

Step 7
Colling Off Period

Step 8
Settlement and Stamp Duty

Step 9
After Settlement Support

If you didn't buy your property at auction, you may have a cooling off period, where you can cancel the contract, although there may be a small penalty. In Victoria cooling off periods are 3 clear business days from when you sign the contract.

Go about your everyday business if you have no intention of cancelling your property contract

This is the most exciting part! Settlement date will be booked in for you to pick up your keys! Organise the moving trucks to move into your new home!


Important note: Stamp Duty is typically due 30 days after settlement.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing relationships with our clients coaching them on our tax and lending strategies to help them pay off their home loan sooner. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your new home loan.

waiting for refinance
conditional approval of refinance
refinance contract signing
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