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Buying A Home?
Home Loan Process In 2024

Step 1
Arrange An Initial Meeting

Step 2
Data Collection

During our initial meeting we complete our fact find and get to know you on amore personal level. This help us identify your goals which are your main motivating factors for going to work everyday!

We then give you access to innovative lending software that allows you to input all your data online with no paperwork! Here is where we collect the basic items such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Working From Home

Step 3

Verifying Your Data

After you have inputted all your data we then have to verify it all for the lender. This involves us calling your employers to verify your income and verifying the expenses disclosed against your bank statements.

Phone Call

Step 4

Complete Our Analysis

Based on the data you have provided us we then our complete our analysis taking into account your needs and goals. This includes extensive research into several financial products.

Step 5

Our Recommendation

After we have completed our analysis of your data we will offer you several home loan products to compare as we recommend the best one for you to achieve your goals.

Step 6

Submit A Pre-Approval

After you have selected the right home for your needs, we then work on your application to submit a pre-approval or conditional approval to the selected lender. At this point you will have a budget to start looking at purchasing your home with confidence.

Contract Review
A business meeting
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Step 7

Conditional Approval

After the application has been submitted, the lender may come back with conditions that you have to meet in order for the loan to become unconditional. This may involve you reducing or cancelling any credit you have access to.

Step 8

Unconditional Approval

Once you have met all the conditions from the lender the loan becomes unconditional. This means that a lender has formally reviewed your loan application and accepted it. We then wait for settlement day!

Step 9

Settlement Day!

We attend settlement day on your behalf. Here is where funds are exchanged into the appropriate accounts and you can grab those keys! 

Important note: We provide after settlement support to ensure you are tracking towards achieving your goals.

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